Thursday, June 19, 2008

Trying to be Funny!!

Being an software professional (the most frustated people who learn computer, electronix n stuff which is eventually used for chatting/mailing and for writing such blogs..) U can figure out this info from the writing style used... (like too many shortcuts, twisted grammar according to writer's convenience, 2 or 3 dots instead of conventional fullstop to indicate that previous sentence is ended, etc etc)..
So Being a software professional, its natural to crack PJ's as and when u get a chance.. Its the way to create light moments in ur boring life (quite effective way to forget how unlucky u are to be an "IT/software professional!!!" :P)
So this happened just few minutes ago.. N i cant hold back..

There are two friends (and had been classmates in year 1857) A and B, currently working in reputed software firms Happily.. So its appraisal time now n appraisal related funny/witty quotes are on the air.. On some chat-window A pinged B to share one such quote.. It was like " Appraisal Quote:- Don't be santoosht.Thoda aur wish karo.......................Switch Karooo!!!!!! " (This is the real one.. SRK messed the last 2 words!!!).. Now B liked it very much (for him it was his own story.. touch ho gaya usko..) and he put it as status msg as soon as he read it (quote-chor!).. A was shocked at the quickness, childishness and stupidity of B.. so A calls B as "daaku" (and this is the time when one more PJ is born..)... 'A' (who is being filmy..) quotes this incident as "jab door door ke net pe koi status message banata uski maa kehti hai...chhupa ke rakhna beta warna 'B' daaka daalegaa... "

Ok.. You can laugh now..
(Those who want to pull-out their hairs can start hunting for A and B..) :D


At 11:48 PM , Blogger Kushal Patel - KP said...

aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh... i knw whr A and B are... extn. 8814 at Sasken Pune...

At 8:59 AM , Blogger Pooja!! said...

That is about B. Did you find who A was :P


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